Let's Play Pachinko

[ Feb 1, 2013 ]


Let's Play Pachinko

Do you enjoy 100% Bonus Gold Giveaway? Do you want to use limited coupon to win goodies of unlimited value ?Here you are! Today we open the Pachinko again, and adjusted the prizes for your choice. And what's more? We guarantee you a 100 percent of Winning in Panchinko!


Event Duration:

Feb. 1st 0:00 - Feb. 3rd 23:59 Server Time (GMT-5)


Event Entrance:



Amazing Prize in Pachinko Fortune Egg:

Hero Card Tokens*3 RP Card II*2 Wild Card*99
Blue Card*3
Purple Card
1K Vouchers
1M Silver
Selena Form*3 EXP II*2


Event Rules:

1. Turning the Pachinko dial costs 400 Coupons. You can exchange 40 Gold for 400 Coupons.

 2. Click the drop slot to get a Pachinko Fortune Egg and claim a mystery prize!


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